Dan Preston

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Dan is interested in aquatic ecology, food webs, host-parasite interactions and invasive species.

Erin Sauer


Research Interests: Erin is interested in disease ecology, climate change, animal behavior and amphibian conservation. She is currently researching how amphibians are affected by urbanization and invasive species.

Landon Falke

Master's Student

Research Interests: Landon studies predator-prey and host-parasite interactions in freshwater streams. He is currently working on understanding spatial drivers of trematode parasite populations across a watershed.

Erin Crone

Masters Student

Research Interests: Erin is interested in how wildlife is affected by anthropogenic change. She is currently researching how urban snakes and amphibians are affected by multiple invasive species.

Daniel Trovillion

Masters Student

Research Interests: Daniel is interested in how water management and anthropogenic disturbance shape aquatic ecosystems. His current research focuses on how urban development affects wetland communities.

Catherine Dare-Lewis

Undergraduate Researcher

Research Interests: Catherine is studying invasive species and community structure of urban ponds.

Diana Perales Macedo

Undergraduate Researcher

Research Interests: Diana has been studying host-parasite interactions, with a focus on trematodes in freshwater snails.

Luis Abreu-Socorro

Undergraduate Researcher

Research Interests: Luis is conducting an honors thesis on how freshwater stream macroinvertebrate communities change from headwaters to a mainstem river, focusing on Willamette River watershed.

Gaby Shay

Undergraduate Researcher

Research Interests: Gaby is working on field surveys of macroinvertebrate community structure and experiments to understand effects of fish, nutrients, and invasive snails on native pond organisms.